O-NERVE – 2012eXplosion MIXTAPE (2012)


“The name is O – NERVE short for Optic Nerve. I am an Independent Artist from the Eastern Cape of South Africa who has been in the music business for approximately 10 to 12 years specialising in hip-hop music with a slight mixture of soul and everything else. O – NERVE is a 23 year old student currently pursuing a National Diploma in Public Management, in the Faculty of Arts in the Studies of Political and Governmental Affairs. Beyond that, the primary fascination of my life is music, the authentic sounds, the lyrical content and everything else that has inspired the millions of fans has inspired me also. Together with a group of ambitious pioneers in the new music scene, I’m part of a life-long pursuit of happiness for appreciation and recognition amongst peers and for the respect from the fans that share our vision.”

The Mix tape

The tape is titled ‘ 2012[explosion]’, why??

Cause I am so explosive, every single gene/ in my body can combust like the flames on gasoline/ the vessels in my heart must be pumping paraffin/ I’ve been feeding off the fire ever since I was a teen/”

2012eXplosion Mixtape Official TRACKLIST & CREDITS:

1. Intro – Let’s get ready (prod. San, the Instru-Monumentalist)

2. All I want feat Lentle Kay (prod. Carnyiso)

3. Can’t be friends (prod. Makhi, the Heartbeat)

4. She was giving it up (prod. San, the Instru-Monumentalist)

5. On my mind feat. Lentle Kay (prod. Carnyiso)

6. Request line (Interlude)

7. Beacon of light (prod. San, the Instru-Monumentalist)

8. The ONE (prod. Phil, The Kritik)

9. Side 2 side (prod. Trained Monkeys)

10. Infinity 2.0 (Freestyle) (prod. Focus) credits-Bishop Lamont- track (feel on it)

11. Junkies ft B. Productions (prod. Fanatikus)

12. Find me (none better) feat Spliff the Shepard (prod. West Bourne)

13. Legends in the making feat Epoch (Dopeless Narcotics) (prod. Phil, The Kritik)

14. Uvhalo the tribute by 5th Extension (prod. Lyrical T.I.P)

All tracks Recorded by O-Nerve; Mixed, Mastered and Track listed by Trompie for Beat Machine Music and Executively Produced by San the Instru-Monumentalist for Audible Braile Entertainment.

you can get the OFFICIAL 2012eXplosion MIXTAPE HERE




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