Classic Dirt Official Cover. “A Break Down”

THE COVER: aside from the obvious reason that we wanted the cover art to represent the almost symbiotic relationship KRITIK & I had when making this album, we chose it because it immediately serves to convey a sense of “oneness” in being (the collaboration and what it sets out to achieve) coupled with a uniqueness and synergy in execution (this signified by the two minds, one body analogy).

Over and above that, we liked the almost fossil like angle the designers took because we felt it successfully channeled how we feel about Hip Hop collaborations, especially those of the producer – producer kind…we find that they are rarely about the lessons each brings to the table first and foremost to his/her’s fellow producer on the record, then secondly to the listener as much as they often end up being about who bests who on the record…a misguided concept that often results in the individual producer’s reputations eclipsing the overarching aim of the album and renders its memory short lived… (the cover art was designed by the Audible Braile Entertainment Graphics Dept.)


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