I got the chance to work  with this ill MC from N-Y-C on the upcoming project ” CLASSIC DIRTY” which will be dropping this November 2010.Be shore to look out for that… Nodoubt Muzz is the next best thing. You jst gotta hear him to believe it.Check out he’s band camp site page and take a listen to

Dead Presidents

Also do look out for exclusive material and licks from Muzz dropping soon.

Two more records for the beatmakers out there

Download ZULEMA

Download The Unifics


Another record rip for y’all
Tight tight record vinyl….also ampled by kanye west………..

Download It Now


What it do y’all?

Had to get this up in here from my boy TheErayza Soundz

TheErayza Soundz

For those of you who don’t know, this is my second project; I haven’t been in the game for that much of a time but I have learnt a thing or two. Coming to all that, let me take you on a short trip down memory lane.

The Erayza is my name and I make beats and sometimes rap for fun. It all started in 1998 when I first got exposed to skate boarding. I know what you are thinking, “there he go being corny and shit!” Not really, just bear with me. Skate boarding later on made a huge impact in my life when I got to college… I’ll get to that later. My true exposure to Hip Hop music itself followed shortly in 2000 when I got my first walkman and had some cheddar of my own to buy some tapes. So, for the first time I started paying close attention.

Poetry was the thing that followed next. I started reading and writing a lot… I was reading everything really, ranging from Shake Spear to Joe Poyer to Nelson Mandela himself (By the way, If you still ain’t got “Long Walk to Freedom”, stop hating… go get it). When a Hip Hop head does poetry, it’s just a matter of time till he is attracted to raping… so, eventually I started writing rhymes and what not but not with as much passion as when I did poetry.

In 2005, college came in and I met the people who changed my life forever! I met my man T.J. The Ill Kid… a rapper turned poet. I met a guy named Matz, a skilled Graffiti artist. Then CoreWrecka, the mad M.C.! Later on, I met a guy we used to call Killah… He did Graffiti, skate boarding and everything else you can imagine… He was good for inspiration. Painting walls was a thing back then… and before I forget, to all you Graff newbies, Fuck permission walls! R.I.P. to Rooty! I also met up with Phil the Kritik while in college, a mad producer indeed.

Making beats soon followed. I got myself a copy of FL studio 6 Demo and started experimenting, and guess what, a few people heard what I did and thought I could make stuff that sounded better. That was in 2008, so what you have hear now, is the result of what followed because ever since I got started… I never stopped. I now enjoy beat making more than anything else in the world.

So, the path to this point in time began like that. This is my second project as I already told you. My first project, a beat tape (Post Drama Beat tape) was just a collection of some of the beats I had made during my long learning period which quite frankly never ends, but it was before I knew all that I know now, so you can take it as work in progress.

The release of I Come to War: Remixed and Mastered has been a long and tiresome journey that I now proudly present to the lovers of Hip Hop in Lesotho. Hopefully you will like this and I will be dropping something new before the end of the year, so keep your ear posted!

One Love my people!

Click here to download

The Brethren (Future and KritiK)

Established in early 2009, The Brethren is a Hip Hop group consisting of yours truly Phil the KritiK alongside Future. With the same vision held by legendary Hip Hop groups such as Gangsta (Guru and Dj Premier), Reflection Eternal (Talib Kweli and Dj Hi-Tek) etc. The Brethren wants to carry the same torch and explore the amazing chemistry that a producer and an M.C can share in making good music.

Hit us up on FaceBook: Future


Golden Chariots VOL 2

“It all began with “Golden Chariots VOL 1”, a beat tape I compiled and released towards the end of 2007. After receiving countless positive reviews from fellow beat makers, producers, heads and music lovers across the world, I decided to run with the idea of turning the GOLDEN CHARIOTS project into a four part producer series which would see me release successive volumes after every three years.

“Golden Chariots VOL 2” is a remix project and is the second installment in the four part producer series. With this offering my focus was much more on trying to understand the multiple dimensions of production and not just the beat making aspect of music creation. In more ways than one, the project is designed to put on display one producer’s rich versatility as well as uniqueness and growth in beat design. Moreover, VOL 2, being a remix project also humbly serves to give the listener a FRESHER take on their favorite songs”

follow San on twitter : @iamSAnhedrin
check for them on BANDCAMP: audiblebraile

Also get to listen to: Rememberin by kat-law produced by san the instru-monumentalist

nicotine project by the 3rd world state of mind

I got this on my ipad on reply…This has got to be the illest joint ive heard this year. 3rd world state of mind which comprises of  (damola +rebel I) teamed up with one of the illest producers in SA “ootz the afronaut”…..simply from the names mentioned its clear this is a hit…you dont wanna miss out on this one…massive massive respect and thanx to Damola for hitting me up with this track..

Get It Now

Nicotine project

3rd world state of mind (damola +rebel I)

Produced by  ootz

Look out for more on the 3rd world state of mind coming soon.

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