O2 – “They Can’t Breathe Without Us”

These kats got their game locked down…you dont wanna miss out on this group.

O2 – are a Hip Hop group consisting of 3 guys, founded in Cap City Rap City – Pretoria. The group is composed of two rappers – Tense and Supernova and also beat maker and producer Beat Wizz.

The Group was formed while the three were studying in college, at The Tshwane University of Technology by BeatWizz aka Tshepo Mphse.

The name O2 comes from the group itself meaning the music industry awaits the Hip Hop group and hence they can’t breathe without them.

O2 makes music that makes you dance and sing along to they lyrics. These folks are relevant to today’s youth and the music appeals to the young and hip.  With the illest and freshest beats – It is joined by Tense and Nova’s marvelous lyrical content. O2 raps about everyday challenges, life, teenage pregnancy, money, parties and living the good life as a youngin.

O2 are very careful with the fast pace lifestyle that GP as well known for, and are careful of the distractions and temptations of the music industry. O2 hopes to bring about cutting edge lyrics to SA’s Hip Hop industry that still lacks.

The three currently record they music from a bedroom and are hoping to soon make their mark as they are about to creative waves in mzansi music.

Download there track:Young Milli

this is a crowd mover…no-doubt about it.


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