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Thought i should drop this up in here…I was doing some surfing and i came across this blog by Just Blaze..read acouple  of em pages and this was one that caught my interest…funny i felt the same way about how the words “Hype and hipster” were being used….here’s what he had to say:

Let me get to the point. I’m sick of the following words: hype, hypebeast, and hipster. It’s amazing how people can so freely use those three words to try and classify pretty much everything going on these days. The backlash against the fly shit these days is unprecedented. And while I can honestly say that I can see some reason for it, the majority of it is usually unwarranted. As a guy in my position, I kinda feel the need to speak up for my well-dressed, well-read brethren.

Be clear: I don’t think every quintuple-colored sneaker is fire and no I don’t really care for Supreme much, either. My disdain goes to those who try to give those who honestly like what they wear/listen a piece of hell for their choices, whether it be because they’re uncomfortable in their own skin or they’re actually jealous because they couldn’t muster up the funds to grab their own Dinosaur Jr.’s. You know the type and you know the rhetoric. Once the topic of music, clothes or ideaology as a whole comes about, they go into the spiel about how they ‘don’t follow sheep’ or they don’t ‘buy into hype’, blah blah blah. They’ll stick to the story about how they’re so much of an independent thinker and nobody, not even Kanye West, will tell them what to buy.

When I hear and see this type of behavior, I both giggle and sneer. The giggles are for the fact that the person who’s stating all this poop are usually awfully-dressed suckas whose poor choices in clothing are only worsened by the 37 ‘no homos’ they used in the one sentence. Okay we get it, you don’t like certain things. Great. But don’t dare try and pretend that every conclusion you’ve arrived at in your lifetime, albeit fashion, music, or relationships- you’ve arrived there with no help at all. Nas said it best, ‘No idea’s original’. And whether you like it or not, we all have somebody or something we look to for a bit of inspiration.

Yes, there’s a throng of us that choose not to buy general release stuff and we appreciate De La Soul over Juelz Santana. That’s just the way it is. We’re sorry that we like our $300 denim to you know…fit us, as opposed to wearing it 5 sizes bigger. However, none of shit defines us. Spark up a conversation with us. You’ll be amazed at the things we’ve seen and what we know about the world itself. Though we prefer certain tastes and labels, we know that there’s a world outside of limited edition garments.

I can’t side with the people who only partake in certain activities for either a) wanting look cool, b) doing their damndest to be different, or c) not knowing any better. If you have the cash and the means to stand on queue for 6 hours in the name of a pair of kicks, do you. But don’t thumb your nose at the ones who didn’t do it because while you may be the man or woman of the moment, them shits don’t make you any better than the next. And after you unDS those, then what? You may have burned down the ‘What did you wear today?’ thread and broke a couple necks in the process…but that’s pretty much it. And the funniest thing to me is that most of these characters couldn’t punch their way out of a paper bag. I remember being on a message board laughing my ass off because all of these kids who were talking all this shit looked like a bully’s wet dream. And I know a few cats who would gladly snatch that CDG right off your back with little or no provocation.

Another peeve of mines is this entire thing with titling music as ‘hipster hop.’ C’mon man, seriously. I guess because some of these people can actually rap without mentioning a Heckler and Koch and green rain, that makes them lesser than? On the flip side, piss to the acts trying to capitalize off of us who are longing for better. And rocking a pair of Jordan III’s while rapping over a Dilla beat doesn’t mean you’re anybody’s savior. So chill. What people fail to realize is that this group of eclectic young people with penchants for books and cartoons has always been around. Even before Lupe. And when you all jump off of the MTVU bandwagon, we’ll still be us.

The biggest victim of ‘hype’ is the one who swears off something without giving it a chance, simply because somebody else enjoys it. It’s one thing to honestly dislike. It’s another thing to dislike for the sake of being an ‘individual’. And I can’t forget about the trend jumpers. You know them, too. The one who dresses by the year. The one who’s this big Blu fan out of nowhere when they were just playing ‘Get Rich or Die Trying’ two days before. I’m all for evolution and discovery. But straight-up posing gets the bozack. It always has.

What’s funny is, I’m typing this while Jay Electronica’s ‘Victory Is In My Clutches’ is on repeat. And according to Just Blaze, Jay doesn’t even know what a ‘hipster’ is, so up yours, S.O.U.L. Purpose. Does that, coupled with my love for hip-hop that pre-dates 106th & Park and my love for a good 80% of stuff spawned by Nigo, make me a hypebeast?? Nope. All it means is that I’m in a great place with my tastes and by this time next year (unless by some act of God) I’ll be on the same shit.

Pretty much everything I’ve said means nothing. The arts are all subjective and pretty much everything is dictated by opinion. I’m no better than anybody. I just like what I like and when I like something, I’m into it heavily. But that doesn’t stop me from respecting anybody else’s choices in life. But the next time you try to rip somebody for what they’re doing by calling them a hypebeast or a hipster, be careful. They just may have a word for you, hater.”

Do check out he’s Blog Just Balze


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